Frequently Asked Questions

While studying Master Programme Life Science, you are usually moving between the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Biology. The Departments have different course allocation systems. We offer various introductory and information events and recommend strongly to visit them. The dates are published on the homepage of the Department of Chemistry.

Until when I should submit my application for the Master's Programme Life Science?

The admission for the Master Life Science is possible for the winter semester as well as for the summer semester.

Application Deadline for the winter semester is June 15th,
Application Deadline for the summer semester is January 15th.

The application including all required documents must be received by the University of Konstanz by the date mentioned (Exclusion period).

How can I choose my Master Courses at the Department of Chemistry (in-depth courses)??

Please register for the main courses at the Department of Chemistry via the electronic registration system for the current semester. You can also register for lectures, whereby the place number in the lectures is not limited. The places in the laboratory practical courses will be awarded by the lecturer after beginning of the lecture period. Cancellations are possible via the Department of Chemistry (room L 801). 

How can I choose my Master Courses at the Department of Biology (in-depth courses and elevtive courses)

The number of places in the lectures in the in-depth courses is not limited. The registration is done by e-mail to the lecturer. The place allocation for the in-depth courses with a practical part is performed by the Student Council. There are special information events before the beginning of the lecture period, which are announced on the homepage of the Department of Chemistry.

A registration for the elective courses at the Department of Biology is usually not required. You can find the information on the registration procedures in ZEuS.

What about practical work experience (internship)?

The internship lasts two months and can be carried out at all private and public institutions in Germany and abroad who are active in the field of life sciences. It is not necessary to obtain a prior approval by the Standing Examination Committee (StPA) or the Student Advisory Staff. After completion of the internship please complete the questions on the Chemistry internship website. You will receive a confirmation Email. Forward the confirmation Email and a certificate to the Department of Chemistry. The internship certificate confirms the duration of your internship. It will be registered in ZEuS. 
The submission of a report is not required. The master's thesis may not be carried out in the same place as the internship.

What is the Chemistry internship site?

In order to make it easier for future students to find an internship, we have set up a website with information on various companies / institutions who offer internships. At present we are collecting all information and will publish the information as soon as possible. From June 2024 on all students are asked to submit a brief overview on their internship. Please use this link 

When you have received the confirmation mail, please forward it with the internship confirmation to the departmental office. Your internship will be registered in ZEuS. 

Which study achievements obtained outside the Natural Science Section I can get recognized?


Up to 12 ECTS credit points can be obtained outside the Department of Biology and the Department of Chemistry. Of these 12 ECTS credit points 6 points can be acquired outside the natural sciences. The Standing Examination Committee or the Student Advisory Staff provide information on possible elective subjects. These courses should generally have a master or graduate level and be completed with a graded performance record.

Is it possible to get recognized my study achievements acquired abroad?


The procedure for the recognition of study achievements abroad is similar to the procedure in the Bachelor´s Programme, though the absolute equivalence to the courses at the University of Constance is not necessary, as long as the course is suitable for the study programme. Nevertheless, you should discuss the planned courses abroad with the lecturer before leaving.

After coming back you should present the graded performance record to a relevant lecturer, who confirms the recognition of the foreign study achievements. Ms Zitt or Ms Gutser at the Department of Chemistry will process the recognition.

The study achievements abroad are marked in the diploma. A maximum of half of the accompanying courses (ie 30 ECTS credit points) can be recognised.

How can I registrate myself for the oral master examination?

You can download the required form "Application for admission to the oral master examination" from the homepage of the Department of Chemistry and fill it out. Please discuss in advance the examination with the examiners and enter them in the form. Both examiners may be from the same department. The form with the performance record (printout from Studis) should be submitted one week before the examination date at the Department of Chemistry. Till the day of the oral examination 60 ECTS credit points credits must be entered in the electronic examination system.

How can I registrate myself for the Master's Thesis?

After you have successfully passed the oral master exam, you can apply for admission to Master´s Thesis. The required form "Application for Admission to Master’s Thesis" can be picked up at the Secretariat or printed out (homepage of the Department of Chemistry). Please let your supervisor to sign the completed form and submit the application to the Department of Chemistry before the beginning of the Master´s Thesis. The second assessor is appointed by the Examination Board, though you can mark a suitable proposal in the application. 

Is an external Master's Thesis possible and how can I do it?


An external master thesis must be submitted to the Standing Examination Committee in good time. The application, which is intended to outline the topic of the master thesis and the motivation for an external thesis, can be submitted to the Secretariat. The external master thesis has to be coordinated as a cooperation project with an internal supervisor at the University of Konstanz. The internal supervisor is also the first assessor of the work. The second assessor is appointed by the StPA and must also be a member of the University of Konstanz. After three, at the last four months the initial assessor shall be informed of the results d. R. within a seminar talk.

The external supervisor of the master's thesis agrees that the achieved research results are to be incorporated into a written master thesis and the examiners receive an insight into the results. They must be aware that the results of the work are presented and discussed in a colloquium at the Department. The external supervisor confirms with their signature on the application their agreement with these regulations.

Is a deadline extension for the Master's Thesis possible?

In order to extend the deadline for submitting the master thesis, you have to submit a formal application to the Examination Board. The application should include the previous deadline, the new deadline and the reason for the delay. Reasons for which the student is not responsible, is easily recognised. The supervisor confirms their knowledge about the extension with their signature. The application can be submitted to the secretariat of the Department of Chemistry. 

When is the deadline to submit the Master's Thesis?

The thesis should be submitted no later than 11.30 am on the last day of the deadline. Please bring your thesis to the Department´s Secretariat first. You will receive there further documents for the Central Examination Office and a stamp with the date of Submission of the Master's thesis. After that bring your thesis to Mrs Hafner at the Central Audit Office, Room C 407.

The following documents are required to submit the thesis:

  • Three tied copies of the master thesis
  • Declaration on independent writing of the thesis. Please enclose the declaration loose, do not include it.
  • Certificate of enrolment for the current semester
  • If the title of the dissertation deviates from the requested title, fill in the form and let your supervisor to sign it.