Master Courses

The following master courses are offered:

Subject area A: Chemical aspects of functional materials

The courses are offered as 6 or 12 credit option.

Winter semester 2019/20:

  • Current Issues and Methods in Nanoscience (Dr. K. Boldt)
  • Dispersion Colloids in Research and Industry (Prof. Dr. A. Wittemann)
  • Nanochemistry and -analytics (Prof. Dr. H. Cölfen)


  • Materials Science Strategies Towards Energy Technology and Nanomedicine (Prof. Dr. S. Polarz), not offered in winter semester 2019/20!

Summer semester 2019:

  • Surface Science and Heterogeneous Catalysis (Prof. Dr. S. Polarz)
  • Synthesis and Properties of Functional Materials (Prof. Dr. S. Mecking)

Subject area B: Physical aspects of functional materials

The Department of Physics has a regularly changing offer of master's courses.

Winter semester 2019/20:

  • Semiconductor Technology and Physics of Solar Cells (10 Cr)
  • Magnetism and Spin-Dependent Transport  (10 Cr)
  • Statistical Mechanics (10 Cr)
  • Quantum Information Theory (10 Cr)
  • Solid State Physics (9 Cr)
  • The Physics of Organic and Hybrid Solar Cells (4 Cr)
  •  Electron Microscopy (10 Cr)
  •  Electronic Transport in Nanostructures (10 Cr)

Summer semester 2019:

  • Semiconductor Physics (10 Cr)
  • Quantum Field Theory for Non-equilibrium Phenomena (10 Cr)
  • Computer Simulations of Many-Body Systems (10 Cr)
  •  Magnetism and Spin-Dependent Transport (10 Cr)
  •  Computer Physics 1 (4 Cr)
  •  Soft Matter Physics (10 Cr)
  •  Limits of Knowledge (10 Cr)
  •  Electronics 2 (5 Cr)
  •  Stochastic processes (10 Cr)
  •  The Physics of Organic and Hybrid Solar Cells (10 Cr)
  •  Technical Optics: Principles and Applications in Hightech-Industry (10 Cr)

Subject area C: Additional courses from the chemistry and physics master's programmes, if you have not completed them before

The courses are offered as 6 or 12 ECTS credit courses.

  • Advanced Organic Chemistry (Prof. Dr. T. Gaich, Prof. Dr. A. Marx, Prof. Dr. V. Wittmann), WS
  • Advanced Physical Chemistry (Prof. Dr. M. Drescher), WS
  • Biophysical Chemistry (Prof. Dr. K. Hauser, Dr. G. Mathies), WS
  • Biopolymer Chemistry (Nucleic Acids, Carbohydrates, Proteins) - (Prof. Dr. A. Marx, Prof. Dr. V. Wittmann), SS
  • Computational Chemistry (Prof. Dr. C. Peter), SS
  • Gene Expression and Replication (Prof. Dr. J. Hartig / Prof. Dr. A. Marx), WS
  • High-resolution NMR spectroscopy directed to biological and biophysical applications (Prof. Dr. M. Kovermann), SS
  • Industrial Chemistry and Renewable Resources (Prof. Dr. S. Mecking), WS
  • Metal-organic Chemistry and Catalysis (Prof. Dr. R. Winter), SS
  • Methods crossing disciplines: from Chemistry to Biology (Prof. Dr. M. Kovermann, Prof. Dr. A. Lorbach, Dr. T. Böttcher, Dr. B. Lepetit), SS
  • Molecular Spectroscopy (Prof. Dr. A. Zumbusch), SS
  • Organometallic Chemistry of the Main Group Elements (Prof. Dr. A. Lorbach), WS
  • Synthesis of natural products and drugs (Prof. Dr. T. Gaich), SS

 WS Winter semester, SS Summer semester