Master Courses

The Department of Chemistry offers the following master courses in the winter semester 2019/20:

  • Advanced Organic Chemistry (Prof. Dr. T. Gaich, Prof. Dr. A. Marx, Prof. Dr. V. Wittmann)
  • Advanced Physical Chemistry (Prof. Dr. M. Drescher)
  • Biophysical Chemistry (Prof. Dr. K. Hauser, Dr. G. Mathies)
  • Current Issues and Methods in Nanoscience (Dr. K. Boldt)
  • Dispersion Colloids in Research and Industry (Prof. Dr. A. Wittemann)
  • Gene Expression and Replication (Prof. Dr. J. Hartig / Prof. Dr. A. Marx)
  • Industrial Chemistry and Renewable Resources (Prof. Dr. S. Mecking, Dr. I. Göttker)
  • Nano chemistry and analytics (Prof. Dr. H. Cölfen, Dr. E. Sturm)
  • Organometallic Chemistry of the Main Group Elements (Prof. Dr. A. Lorbach)

    Further lectures in the field of bachelor studies, which can be visited in the winter semester (only in German language):
  • Anorganische Chemie II: Koordinationschemie und Metallorganische Chemie
  • Fortgeschrittene Festkörperchemie
  • Physikalische Chemie IV
  • Organische Chemie III: Reaktionsmechanismen

Master courses in the summer semester 2019:

  • Biopolmer Chemistry (Nucleic Acids, Carbohydrates, Proteins) - (Prof. Dr. A. Marx, Prof. Dr. V. Wittmann)
  • Computational Chemistry (Prof. Dr. C. Peter)
  • High-resolution NMR spectroscopy directed to biological and biophysical applications (Prof. Dr. M. Kovermann)
  • Metal-Organic Chemistry and Catalysis (Prof. Dr. R. Winter)
  • Methods crossing disciplines: from Chemistry to Biology (Prof. Dr. M. Kovermann, Prof. Dr. A. Lorbach, Dr. T. Böttcher, Dr. B. Lepetit)
  • Molecular Spectroscopy (Prof. Dr. A. Zumbusch)
  • Synthesis of natural products and drugs (Prof. Dr. T. Gaich)
  • Surface Science and Heterogeneous Catalysis (Prof. Dr. S. Polarz)
  • Synthesis and Properties of Functional Materials (Prof. Dr. S. Mecking)

The following lectures in the field of bachelor studies can be visited in the summer semester (only in German language):

  • Anorganische Chemie II: Molekülchemie der Nichtmetalle
  • Grundlagen der Festkörperchemie
  • Physikalische Chemie III
  • Organische Chemie IV: Heterocyclen und Naturstoffe

Information concerning the master courses of the Department of Biology you can find on Zeus.