Research at the Department of Chemistry

The research focuses of the Konstanz Department of Chemistry range from modern aspects of Life Sciences to Material Sciences. Current research is dealing with the study of interaction networks of the molecules that strongly influence all living. Approaches in this field range from development and synthesis of bioactive molecules, to modern nucleic acid, carbohydrate, and peptide chemistry to the elucidation of complex cellular phenomena by means of novel physicochemical means.

On the other hand, research aims at the development of new materials providing tailor-made properties. Key to this aim is the controlling of structures on the length scale of a few nanometers to about one micrometer by novel chemical syntheses. These studies comprise organometallic and inorganic syntheses, polymer chemistry, catalysis, and the development of new physical methods to examine the structure of such materials.

In Konstanz, research and analysis at the Department of Chemistry is supported by state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. The Department of Chemistry at the University of Konstanz is further characterized by a high degree of multidisciplinarity in research. Hence, several interdisciplinary collaborative research projects have been realized together with the Departments of Biology and Physics.