• Information events for Masterstudents in the first weeks
    Chemistry, Life Science and Nanoscience

    The Chemistry Department welcomes all new Master students and invites to the welcome event on October 16, 2023.

    Welcome event for Master students in Chemistry and Nanoscience at 10 am in R 512
    Welcome event for Master students in Life Science at 12 am in R512

    Further informational events

  • Chemistry of Constance outstanding in the CHE university ranking

    Chemistry at the University of Konstanz achieves top marks: Constance chemistry convinces in the teaching of scientific competencies as well as in laboratory practicals, in the support of students and in the general study situation

Current news

Self-healing plastic becomes biodegradable

Konstanz chemists develop mineral plastics with numerous positive properties from sustainable basic building blocks and, together with biologists, demonstrate the material's excellent microbiological degradability.

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Hidden RNA repair mechanism discovered in humans

Konstanz researchers discover the function of a previously unexplored protein: In three characteristic steps, "C12orf29" links the ends of RNA strands. Proteins that perform this kind of RNA ligation were previously unknown in humans. The results of the study suggest that it is important for RNA repair during cellular stress.

Two-dimensional nanoparticles with great potential

A German-Chinese research team with participants from the University of Konstanz has discovered how catalysts and many other nanoplatelets can be produced in an environmentally friendly way from readily available materials and in sufficient quantities.

Strong and biodegradable

A polyester plastic of great mechanical stability, which is also easily recyclable and even compostable: Stefan Mecking, chemist at the University of Konstanz, and his research group present a new material.

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