various glass devices used in the Chemistry laboratory

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry is centrally located on the campus of the University of Konstanz, directly on Lake Constance at the tripoint Germany, Switzerland, Austria, which is supposed to be one of the most beautiful regions of Germany. 690 students, 120 PhD students and 35 scientists are currently studying and researching at the Department of Chemistry. We offer the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in Chemistry, Life Science, Nanoscience as well as the Chemistry as teaching-study programme. In addition, chemistry can be studied as a minor subject in physics, mathematics and economic education. We offer the doctoral studies as well, which culminates with the title Dr. rer. nat. Our main research areas range from modern issues of life sciences to the latest aspects of materials science. A unique feature of research at our Department is its high degree of interdisciplinarity, which is based on the latest technology and research equipment.