Marx Group

Organic Chemistry / Cellular Chemistry

“We develop new, chemistry-based approaches for studying complex biological systems that defy state-of-the-art approaches. In particular, we’re interested in important biomolecules such as nucleotides, oligonucleotides and proteins.”
Prof. Dr. Andreas Marx

Tailor-Made Molecules

How do you read a genome? How is the information contained in it transcribed, and how is this regulated? With its research into the chemical biology of DNA replication, the Marx Group has set itself the task of uncovering the mechanisms that determine and control biological processes. “Our research involves the targeted synthesis of biomolecules with a tailor-made profile of characteristics and functions, for example nucleotides, oligonucleotides and proteins. Their application gives us insights into complex biological processes,” explains Prof. Andreas Marx.

An important role is played here by DNA polymerases – “genome synthesis machines”, which are responsible for duplicating DNA during cell division. Together with his team, Marx develops tailor-made and multi-functional polymerases, which are used amongst other things in simplified mainstream procedures for the early diagnosis of medical conditions.

Andreas Marx’ scientific work is shaped by his commitment to transfer theory to practice in industry and clinical diagnostics. Together with other scientists from the University of Konstanz, he founded the company myPOLS Biotec to develop and market DNA polymerases which are optimised for their intended use.