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Huwer Group

Didactics of natural sciences

Our vision is to enable modern chemistry lessons with innovative didactic concepts in the field of digitization and sustainability education.
Prof. Dr. Johannes Huwer

Digitization and sustainability education in the natural sciences

The research of Prof. Huwer's working group deals with two major contextual focal points, namely “digitization in the natural sciences” (with a special focus on chemistry) and “sustainability education”, both of which are closely interlinked. The conceptual focal points of teaching research are “research experiments in the school laboratory” and “individualization / dealing with diversity and heterogeneity”. The close interlinking and content-related proximity to other research areas allows multi-perspective and interdisciplinary research.

In the research field “digitization”, the focus is on researching digitally supported (individual) teaching-learning processes for schoolchildren (K12) but also for student teachers (High Ed). A special focus is the research on teaching-learning scenarios with augmented reality as learning tools and learning guides. Scientific learning with and via digital media also plays a central role, which extends into sustainability education.