Prof. Dr. Karin Hauser

Curriculum Vitae

1989-1995: Studies in Physics, University of Freiburg

1995: Diploma in Physics, University of Freiburg | Thesis Advisor: Prof. Dr. W. Mäntele

1995-2000: PhD (Dr. rer. nat.), University of Freiburg | Thesis Advisor: Prof. Dr. F. Siebert

2001-2002: Post-Doc, Department of Physics, City College of New York, CUNY, New York, USA in the biophysics group of Prof. Dr. M. R. Gunner

2002-2008: Juniorprofessor of Biophysics | Institute of Biophysics, Department of Physics, University of Frankfurt/Main 

2009-2010: Professor of Biophysics (W2) | Institute of Physics IA, Department of Physics, RWTH Aachen University

Since 4.2010: Professor of Biophysical Chemistry (W3) | Department of Chemistry, University of Konstanz

Honors and Awards

1995-1998: PhD-Fellowship of the Post-Graduate Course “Strukturbildung in Makromolekularen Systemen”, University of Freiburg

2001-2002: Feodor-Lynen Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation

2013-2014: Section Chair (Molecular Biophysics) of the German Society of Biophysics (DGfB)

Research Interests - Molecular Biophysics/Biophysical Chemistry

  • Function, structure and dynamics of biomolecules
  • Mechanisms of protein folding
  • Ion transport in membrane proteins
  • Protein-membrane interaction
  • Infrared spectroscopy; development of time-resolved techniques
  • Computational biophysics; electrostatics