Prof. Dr. Stefan Mecking

Oct. 1986  to Feb. 1992 studies of chemistry at RWTH Aachen, concluding with a diploma thesis under the supervision of W. Keim on catalytic carbonylations. Feb. 1992 - Oct. 1994 Ph. D. studies with W. Keim on 'Cooligomerization of ethylene with carbon monoxide by palladium complexes with hemilabile P,O-ligands'. Dec. 1994 to July 1996 postdoctoral fellow in the group of M. Brookhart, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Aug. 1996 to Sept. 1998 laboratory head and project leader at Hoechst Corporate Research in Frankfurt. Oct. 1998 to Feb. 2004 research associate (Habilitand/Privatdozent; habilitation completed Nov. 2002) at the Freiburg Materials Research Center and Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg.

Since March 2004 full professor (C4) at Konstanz University, Chair of Chemical Materials Science.