Allgemeine Chemie
(1. Semester)

Art Termine & Dozenten                                                                                           Raum
Di. 08:15 bis 09:45;  Do. 11:45 bis 12:30;  Fr. 11:45 bis 13:15
Prof. Dr. Stefan Mecking
R 611 
Do. 10:00 bis 11:30  (5 Parallelgruppen)
Dr. Inigo Göttker,  Doktoranden
Kurs-Nr: CHE-12000  (ZEuS), Übung (ZEuS)
Credits: 9


Praktikum Anorganisch-Analytische Chemie
(1. Semester)

Art Termine & Dozenten                                                                                           Raum
Mo. bis Fr. 13:00 bis 18:00
Dr. Inigo Göttker,  Robin Kirsten,  Doktoranden,  HiWis
L 6
Mo. 11:45 bis 13:15
Dr. Inigo Göttker
R 611 
Kurs-Nr: CHE-10005  (ZEuS)
Credits: 10/9/7


Industrial Chemistry and Renewable Resources
(Master's curriculum)

Type Appointments & Lecturers                                                                              Room
Lecture times
Mon. 10:00 to 11:30  and  Wed. Thu. 11:45 to 13:15
Prof. Dr. Stefan MeckingDr. Inigo Göttker
M 627
L 601
Course number: CHE-10910  (ZEuS)
Credits: 6 or 12  (with additional research practical course)

The aim of this course is to gain a knowledge and an understanding of the relationships between products of the chemical industry and their raw materials basis.
Topics covered comprise the current and future sources of petrochemical and renewable raw materials, their range, methods of recovery, workup and further processing, cracker, biorefinery, base chemicals, intermediates, products, case studies of catalytic processes, basic terms of process technology.