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Graduate Students

Maximilian Baur, M.Sc.
Functional Group Tolerant Insertion Polymerization.
Lea Bernabeu, M.Sc.
Non-persistent Polymer Materials.
Melissa Birkle, née Wörner, M.Sc.
Polyethylene-like Functional Materials.
Viola Burlein, M.Sc.
Nanostructured Ion-Conducting Polymers.
Marcel Eck, M.Sc.
Degradable Polyethylene-like Materials.
Amelie Fuchs, M.Sc.
Organometallic Polymerization to Functional Polyolefins.
Jessica Henzler, B.Sc.
Catalytic synthesis of model polymers for degradation studies.
Lara Holderied, M.Sc.
Nanostructured Catalysts for the Conversion of Renewable Feedstocks.
Steffen Iberl, M.Sc.
Catalysts for Functionalized Polyethylenes.
Nina Mast, M.Sc.
Catalysts for Functionalized Polyethylenes.
Dario Rothauer, M.Sc.
Chemically Recyclable Crystalline Polymer Materials.
Anne Saumer, née Staiger, M.Sc.
Functional Renewable Materials.
Katharina Scherer, B.Sc.
Recyclable and Sustainable Materials.
Dr. Natalie Schunck
Nanoparticle Catalysts for Renewable Resources.
Sebastian Schwab, B.Sc.
Models of in-chain functionalized polyethylenes.
Simon Schwab, M.Sc.
Non-persistent Polymer Materials.
Katrin Wurst, B.Sc.
Application of Recyclable Non-Persistent Polyethylene-Like Materials.
Lukas Wursthorn, M.Sc.
Mechanisms of Catalytic Copolymerization.


Dr. Taylor Frederick Nelson
Non-persistent Renewable Materials.
Dr. Yajun Zhao
Functional Group Tolerant Insertion Polymerization.

Permanent Staff

Lars Bolk
Technical Assistant, IT Support
Dr. Inigo Göttker gen. Schnetmann
Academic Council
Ma Jovelle Hämmerle
Robin Kirsten
Technical Assistant
Dr. Marina Krumova
Technical Employee
Dr. Tobias Morgen
Technical Employee