22 Nov 2019

We just heard the news that the funding for Collaborative Research Center 969 will be renewed for another 4 years. The theme of the CRC is Chemical and Biological Principles of Proteostasis. Our group will join the CRC with a MAS NMR structural biology project.

10 Sep 2019

With the installation of the MAS probe, the 800 MHz NMR spectrometer is now ready for high-resolution solid-state NMR experiments!

24 Jul 2019

Mykhailo's paper has been published in PCCP: Analysis of the EPR spectra of transferrin: the importance of a zero-field-splitting distribution and 4th-order terms. In this paper we implement a new method to extract the distribution of zero-field-splitting parameters from the EPR spectra of the iron-transport protein transferrin. This enabled us to explain features of the spectra that have puzzled EPR spectroscopists for decades. Our method is generally applicable and promotes the effective use of multi-frequency EPR spectroscopy to study high-spin iron sites in biological systems.

1 Jun 2019

Xiaoxun Chen joins the group as a PhD student. Welcome!

19 Jan 2019

Kong's paper was published in Science Advances yesterday: Time-Optimized Pulsed Dynamic Nuclear Polarization. The paper reports a new DNP pulse sequence, named TOP DNP. The matching condition for electron-1H polarization transfer in TOP DNP does not depend on the microwave amplitude directly, but instead relies on the timing in a train of microwave pulses. The sequence is a major step towards the implementation of pulsed DNP in high-resolution MAS NMR.

24 Sep 2018

Janne's paper is now available on the website of PCCP: Conformation of Bis-nitroxide Polarizing Agents  by Multi-frequency EPR Spectroscopy. The paper shows that EPR spectroscopy can be used to determine the conformation of a biradical while it is in the frozen-glassy matrix that is used in DNP/MAS NMR experiments. Since this conformation strongly affects the DNP efficiency, the results are highly important as a guide for the design and synthesis of future polarizing agents.

19 Feb 2018

Dr. R. Venkata SubbaRao joins the lab from India. Welcome Rao!

10 Oct 2017

My paper with Sheetal has been accepted by The Journal of Chemical Physics: Off-resonance NOVEL. The paper describes a modification of the DNP pulse sequence NOVEL with a reduced microwave power requirement. It hereby opens up a path for the implementation of pulsed DNP in high-resolution MAS NMR. The paper also explores the use of average Hamiltonian theory to describe polarization transfer from electrons to bulk 1H.

1 Oct 2017

Our paper with the group of Gaël de Paëpe in Grenoble is now online. Chemical Science: Efficient cross-effect dynamic nuclear polarization without depolarization in high-resolution MAS NMR. Compared to their bis-nitroxide counterparts, the use of heterogeneous biradicals, like TEMTriPol, as polarizing agents for DNP makes it possible circumvent the detrimental depolarization effect, which depletes the initial nuclear Boltzmann polarization by more than a factor of 2. Experimental data on the DNP performance of TEMTriPol is combined with numerical simulations of cross-effect DNP/MAS NMR to gain a physical understanding of the absence of depolarization in TEMTriPol. The tremendous gain in sensitivity is illustrated with the overnight recording of a 13C-13C correlation spectrum of natural abundance cellulose at 800 MHz.

30 Jun 2017

The refurbished RF amplifier from E&I, NY made it safely through customs. Time to do some DNP!