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The PhD project is part of our research on "photo-DNP" to enhance the sensitivity of high-resolution MAS NMR spectroscopy. In photo-DNP, the high, non-thermal polarization in photo-excited triplet states is exploited to generate NMR enhancement factors well above 658, the theoretical maximum if thermal electrons are used. The triplet polarization can be transferred to nuclei directly by microwave irradiation, or indirectly via a stable radical that picks up polarization from the triplet through a CIDEP mechanism. A proof of principle exists in the literature of the former scheme, but only at low magnetic field and in a chemical system incompatible with biomolecular MAS NMR.

Project title: Polarizing agents for photo-DNP

The aim of this PhD project is to develop a polarizing agent for photo-DNP. This requires a study of the polarization transfer mechanisms of photo-DNP, including CIDEP, and the chemical environment (i.e. the molecular structure of the polarizing agent and the solvent matrix) in which these are active. The field-dependence of CIDEP will be investigated in transient EPR experiments at multiple microwave frequencies. Photo-DNP experiments will be performed on our low-field EPR/NMR/DNP setup at 9.8 GHz/15 MHz/0.34 T (X band), and at a later stage also at 34 GHz/52 MHz/1.2 T (Q band). While the focus of this project is on spin chemistry, an interest in organic chemistry is helpful.

Funding is guaranteed for 3 years (salary based on 67% of the German TVL E13 scale), with the possibility of extension.

To apply, send a cover letter and a CV to Dr. Guinevere Mathies.

  • We are always looking for highly motivated master students to join our team

Informal inquires are appreciated. Contact Dr. Guinevere Mathies.