• Molecular spectroscopy
    Analyzing the structure and dynamics of macromolecules in cellules

    The interview of "Labor Praxis" with Prof. Malte Drescher on SPICE and molecular spectroscopy is available (in German) at www.laborpraxis.vogel.de

  • Research Group of Malte Drescher

    In our research group, resonant magnetic methods are used to characterize the dynamics and structure of soft matter, in particular of biological materials. Mainly we are dealing with the development of methods in the electron spin resonance (ESR / EPR) and their applications. An interdisciplinary approach at the interface of chemistry, physics and biology is especially important to us.

  • ERC Consolidator Grant
    for spectroscopy research of AG Drescher at the University of Konstanz

    “Spectroscopy of Complex Systems” research team honoured with EU research award - 2 million euros in funding for new approach to determining the structure of molecules in biological cells - development of molecular probes for use with different spectroscopy techniques - relevant for research into neuro-degenerative diseases