Use of the spectrometers

Each research associate and graduate student of the department of chemistry can obtain an user account on Isa400 and Otto500. Members of others departments (e.g. biology and physics) are welcome, too. Moreover, our NMR core facility is open to potenial external academic and non-academic users as well. These users are asked to directly contact the head of the facility for using our service.


- note your measurements on the pinboard in M527 using the autosampler forms (.doc | .odt).
- entitle your experiments in the format YYMMDDII with YY = year, MM = month, DD = day, II = initials or login, e.g. 220715-anfr-001-GlcNAc.
- do not use any special characters apart from underscore and dash (_, -).

Measurements on the NMR in L710 and L807 can be performed yourself after an introduction.

Measurements on gemma400 can be performed upon request or after an introduction.

Measurements on the high-field spectrometers klaus800 and zita600, are coordinated by Anke Friemel. Please contact her for a time schedule.
All NMR data can be fetched via ftp from our file server. The ftp access information can be found on the internal site!

The NMR-News mailing list provides information about software news, time schedules, spectrometer errors, etc. To subscribe to the NMR mailing list please refer to the information given on the internal site! Members of the physics and biology departments, as well as external parties are welcome to request for measurements. In the case of questions and suggestions please do not hesitate to contact members of the Kovermann group.