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    Our group is dedicated to the total synthesis of natural products with a unique and complex molecular architecture. In our synthetic planning, Nature serves as a constant source of inspiration, owing to the elegance by which it assembles the most intricate and functional structures. To us, elegance in synthetic terms is best reflected by a domino reaction sequence. Starting from a rather simple molecular intermediate, an avalanche of bond-forming events is triggered. It results in the construction of a highly complex molecular architecture – ideally the natural product itself.

    Image sources: picture apocynacea rauvolfia: C. Loddiges & sons, Vol. 4, 1820, plate 339, Hand-colored engraving; picture stemona: Illustration by J. N. Fitch (dated 1927), Curtis’s Botanical Magazine, Vol. 118 [ser. 3:v.48], 1892.

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