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Dr. Obadah Abel-Rahman Prof. Dr. R. Winter Biphenyl- and Carbazole-Bridge Di- and Trinuclear Alkenyl-Ruthenium Complexes and Mononuclear Alkenyl Complexes with Pyridine- and Quinoline-Derived Bidentate Coligands 2015
Dr. Stefan Ambrus Prof. Dr. U. Groth Darstellung und Charakterisierung von einzelmolekular magnetischen Molekülen 2012
Dr. Moritz Caspar Baier Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Living Polymerization to Ultra-High Molecular Weight and Dye-Labeled Polyethylene for Single-Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy and Reactor Blends 2016
Dr. Ellen Batroff Prof. Dr. V. Wittmann Synthese neuer funktionalisierter Glycosphingolipide zur Anwendung in Lipiddoppelschichten 2016
Dr. Yvonne Binder Prof. Dr. S. Polarz Organisch modifizierte Zinnoxid-Materialien mit poröser Struktur 2018
Dr. Patrick Braun Prof. Dr. M. Drescher Elektronenspinresonanzspektroskopie an multivalenten Systemen 2013
Dr. Michael Breunig Prof. Dr. T. Gaich Studies toward the Total Synthesis of Macro- and Polycyclic Furanobutenolides and Formal Synthesis of (Sonderzeichen)- Strictamine 2019
Dr. Julian Brunner Prof. Dr. H. Cölfen Iron Oxide Mesocrystals 2019
Dr. Hanna Busch Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Long-Chain Aliphatic Polyphosphoesters from Polyesterification and Post-Polymerisation Functionalisation 2018
Dr. Mengdi Chen Prof. Dr. S. Polarz Assembly of Multinary Colloidal Systems in a Centrifugal Field 2017
Dr. Josefine Christl Prof. Dr. G. Müller Bulky Diphosphines in the Palladium Catalyzed Isomerizing Alkoxycarbonylation of Fatty Acids 2016
Dr. Stefan Dilger Prof. Dr. S. Polarz Hierarchisch strukturierte Oxidhalbleitermaterialien aus der Gasphase und ihre elektronischen Eigenschaften 2014
Dr. Maren Dill Dr. D. Wöll Synthese, Charakterisierung und Anwendungen photospaltbarer Fluoreszenzfarbstoff-Dyaden mit intramolekularer Energieübertragung 2014
Dr. Frederike Eggers Prof. Dr. M. Przybylski Identification and functional characterization of carbohydrate-recognition structures in proteins using combinations of proteolysis and affinity-mass spectrometry 2018
Dr. Florian Enders Dr. K. Boldt Tailoring the Charge Carrier Relaxation in Colloidal Semiconductor Nano-Heterostructures 2019
Dr. Masoud Farhadi Khouzani Dr. D. Gebauer Study of Structures and Crystallization Behavior of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC) and its Application in Bio-inspired Materials 2017
Dr. Christoph Fischer Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Luminescent Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles from Suzuki-Miyaura Chain-Growth Polymerization 2015
Dr. Miriam Fontanillo-Dolz Prof. Dr. V. Wittmann Development of specific activators and inhibitors of protein phosphatase 1 2017
Dr. Andrea Frank PD Dr. T. E. Exner Berechnungen von NMR chemischen Verschiebungen für Proteine mit einem fragment-basiertem Ansatz 2012
Dr. Julia Gehring Prof. Dr. S. Polarz Mesoporous organosilica nanoparticles as antibacterial coating materials 2016
Dr. Sophie Geiger Prof. Dr. J. Hartig Investigation of RNA-based regulation of gene expression in proteobacterial energy metabolism 2019
Dr. Fabian Geist Prof. Dr. R. Winter Luminescent Dye-Modified Diphosphine Aryl Platinum(II) Complexes As Dually Emitting Chromophores and Their Application in Sensitization 2017
Dr. Melanie Gerigk Prof. Dr. S. Polarz Morphologiekontrolle von dotierten und undotierten Halbleiter-Metalloxid-Nanopartikeln mithilfe von "Bottom-Up"-Synthesemethoden 2018
Dr. Alexandra Godin (geb. Tchernook) Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Particle formation and multiphase morphologies in catalytic aqueous ethylene polymerization 2017
Dr. Verena Goldbach Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Isomerizing Carbonylation as a Direct Route to Long-Chain Dicarboxylic Acids and Probe for the Role of Metal Nanoparticles in Catalysis 2018
Dr. Kay Hagedorn Prof. Dr. S. Polarz Gasphasensynthese von dotierten und undotierten Metalloxidnanomaterialien 2018
Dr. Christopher Hassenrück Prof. Dr. R. Winter Asymmetric Mixed-Valent Systems: Synthesis and Analysis of their Spin and Charge Distribution 2019
Dr. Christian Hintze Prof. Dr. M. Drescher Optisch schaltbare Spinmarker für Abstandsmessungen im Nanometerbereich 2017
Dr. Yu-Chieh Huang Dr. D. Gebauer Multistep Crystallization via Biomolecular and Ionic Additives: Bidirectional Synergetic Interactions in Protein-Directed Mineralization 2019
Dr. Andrej Jackel Prof. Dr. R. Winter Cyclometallierte Platinkomplexe mit Farbstoff-basierten Liganden 2016
Dr. Michael Jawurek Prof. Dr. K. Hauser Protein-membrane interactions investigated with time-resolved FTIR spectroscopy 2017
Dr. Christoph Jung Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Hybrid Nanoparticles of Conjugated Polymers with Multiple Incorporated Inorganic Semiconductor Particles 2016
Dr. Philip Kenyon Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Disentangled Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene by Ni(II)-Catalysed Polymerisation in Compartmentalised Systems 2019
Dr. Alexander Marco Klaiber Prof. Dr. S. Polarz Leitfähige Tenside mit anorganischen Kopfgruppen 2019
Dr. Matthias Klein Prof. Dr. A. Zumbusch Entwicklung und mikroskopische Charakterisierung neuartiger kolloidaler Modellsysteme 2014
Dr. Christoph Kölbl Prof. Dr. A. Zumbusch Summenfrequenz-Mikroskopie 2018
Dr. Tom Kollek Prof. Dr. S. Polarz Molecular Pathways to Shaped Hybrid Perovskite Crystals 2018
Dr. Michael Krumm Prof. Dr. S. Polarz Anorganisch/organische Hybridmaterialien ausgehend von Metalloxid-Aerogelen 2014
Dr. Steve Landsmann Prof. Dr. S. Polarz Tenside mit metallhaltigen Kopfgruppen 2013
Dr. Daniela Lehr Prof. Dr. S. Polarz Funktionale, dotierte ZnO-Materialien aus molekularen Vorstufen 2015
Dr. Hannes Leicht Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Stereoregular Fuctionalized Poly(dienes) from Catalytic Polymerization 2018
Dr. Christian Leitner Prof. Dr. T. Gaich Studies towards the total synthesis of dichomine 2016
Dr. Kathrin Lindner Prof. Dr. M. Przybylski Oligomerisation-Aggregation and Fragmentation of Synuclein Polypeptides Revealed by Mass Spectrometry 2014
Dr. Martin Luka Prof. Dr. S. Polarz Mesoporöse Hybridmaterialien mit schaltbaren Funktionseinheiten als Basis für neue Smart Materials 2016
Dr. Benjamin Madeja Prof. Dr. H. Cölfen Phage Display Screening for Cement Systems 2018
Dr. Timo Marks Prof. Dr. A. Zumbusch Pyrrolopyrrol-Azacyanine Neue Fluoreszenzfarbstoffe 2014
Dr. Mojtaba Mohseni Prof. Dr. A. Zumbusch Nichtlineare Mikroskopie: Methoden und Anwendungen 2019
Dr. Christina Muck Prof. Dr. R. Winter 5-Aryl Ruthenium Complexes: Synthesis and Electron Transfer Properties 2019
Dr. Ruslan Nedielkov Prof. Dr. H. Möller Interaktion mit Chinonen und Funktion der Na+-transportierenden NADH:Chinon-Oxidoreduktase aus Vibrio cholerae 2015
Dr. Carla Negele Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Einbettung von kolloidalen Quantenpunkten in Polymerpartikel 2018
Dr. Boris Neuwald Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Stereoselectivity and Catalyst Activity in Acrylate Insertion Polymerization 2016
Dr. Jan Martin Nölle Dr. D. Wöll Diffusion und Mikroviskosität während der Polymerisation des Methylmethacrylats 2016
Dr. Franz Ölscher Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Role of Radical Species in Neutral Salicylaldiminato Ni(II) Mediated Polymer Chain Growth 2017
Dr. Patrick Ortmann Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Nanocrystals and Models of Long-Spaced Polycondensates from Metathesis Polymerization of Functionalized Dienes 2015
Dr. Anna Osichow Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Katalysatoren für die Erzeugung idealer Polyethylen-Nanokristalle 2014
Dr. Steffen Oßwald Prof. Dr. R. Winter Electrochromic Organometallic Redox Systems with Cationic and Paramagnetic Structural Motives 2019
Dr. Magnus Pfaffenbach Prof. Dr. T. Gaich Unified Access to Aspidosperma Alkaloids and Novel Indolophanes via Witkop Photocyclization:Total Synthesis of Leuconoxine and Formal Synthesis of Mersicarpine 2016
Dr. Tuan Anh Pham Prof. Dr. H. Cölfen Protein assisted nanoparticle assembly and protein-nanocomposite fabrication 2016
Dr. Andreas Picker Prof. Dr. H. Cölfen Influence of Polymers on Nucleation and Assembly of Calcium Silicate Hydrates 2013
Dr. Alexander Popp Prof. Dr. K. Hauser Untersuchung von Pepetiddynamik mittels zeitaufgelöster Infrarotspektroskopie 2015
Dr. Andreas Prestel Prof. Dr. H. Möller Synthese und Anwendung eines photoschaltbaren zellgängigen Peptids & Struktur, Dynamik und Funktion der LIM2/3 Tandem-Domäne des Proteins Paxillin 2016
Dr. Michaela Prothiwa Dr. T. Böttcher Inhibition of Quinolone Biosynthesis in Pseudomonas and aeruginosa and Burkholderia species 2019
Dr. Matthias Rank Prof. Dr. R. Winter Farbstoff-modifizierte Diiminkomplexe des Platins: Synthese und photophysikalische Eigenschaften 2015
Dr. Holger Reiner Prof. Dr. H. Cölfen Nanoparticles as Chemical Building Blocks 2018
Dr. Philipp Roesle Prof. Dr. S. Mecking The mechanism of the isomerizing alkoxycarbonylation of plant oils 2016
Dr. Tjaard de Roo Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Organic/Inorganic Semiconductor Hybrid Nanoparticles from Controlled Polymerization 2017
Dr. Christelle Rosazza Prof. Dr. A. Zumbusch Internalization and Intracellular Trafficking of Plasmid DNA Delivered by Electroporation in Vitro 2014
Dr. Thomas Rünzi Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Generation of novel polymeric materials and catalyst deactivation pathways in polar vinyl monomer insertion copolymerization 2014
Dr. Konstantin Samarin Prof. Dr. T. Gaich Studies towards the total synthesis of canataxpropellane 2017
Dr. Athanasios Saragliadis Prof. Dr. J. Hartig Conditional gene expression using ribozymes: Post-transcriptional control of amino acid identity in protein synthesis and temperature-dependent gene expression 2013
Dr. Andreas Schachtschneider Prof. Dr. S. Polarz Organofunktionalisierte und nichtfunktionalisierte Silikate mit maßgeschneiderten Porensystemen für die Anwendung zur Stofftrennung und Stoffspeicherung 2016
Dr. Johanna Scheck Dr. D. Gebauer The Mechanisms of Iron(III) (Oxyhydr)oxide Nucleation 2017
Dr. David Scheerer Prof. Dr. K. Hauser Investigation of peptide dynamics by means of time-resolved IR-laser spectroscopy 2019
Dr. Stefan Scheerer Prof. Dr. R. Winter Von Divinylarylen- und Tetraoxolen-verbrückten Diruthenium-Komplexen zu Metallamakrozyklen 2017
Dr. Marius Schmid Prof. Dr. H. Cölfen Hydrodynamic Analysis of Paricles and Macromolecules: Towards a global analysis of hybrid nanomaterial composition distributions 2015
Dr. Cornelia Schneider Prof. Dr. H. Cölfen Investigation of Early Clusters in Nanoparticle Formation by Analytical Ultracentrifugation 2019
Dr. Markus Schöwe Prof. Dr. V. Wittmann Thioacid-Containing Peptides for the Convergent Synthesis of N-Glycopeptides and Peptide Conjugates 2019
Dr. Birte Schröder Prof. Dr. T. Gaich Application of Pericyclic Reactions in the Synthesis of Natural Products 2018
Dr. Friederike Schütze Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Flurorescent Nanoparticles from Amphiphilic Block Copolymers with Conjugated Segments 2016
Dr. Nicole Schuster Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Reactivity of Polar Vinyl Monomers in Insertion Copolymerization and Application to Polyamide Impact Modification 2018
Dr. Darius Schwarzer Prof. Dr. T. Gaich Studies on the 4-Dimethylallyltryptophan Synthase Mechanism - Development of a Divinylcyclopropane Rearrangement based Strategy for the Formation of Cyclohepta(cd)oxindoles and its Application on the Synthesis of 5-(10-9)Abeo-Ergot Alkaloids 2017
Dr. Romedi Selm Prof. Dr. A. Zumbusch Nonlinear optical microscopy : using few cycle laser pulses 2012
Dr. Martin Spitzbarth Prof. Dr. M. Drescher Time-resolved electron paramagnetic resonance imaging 2018
Dr. Beate Stempfle Dr. D. Wöll Untersuchung der Diffusion einzelner Moleküle während radikalischer Polymerisationen in Masse 2016
Dr. Florian Stempfle Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Aliphatic Polyester Materials from Polycondensation of Seed- and Algae Oil-Based Long-Chain Monomers 2016
Dr. Maria Siglreitmeier (geb. Helminger) Prof. Dr. H. Cölfen Multifunctional Layered Magnetic Composites 2015
Dr. Katharina Streichert Dr. M. Rubini Co- and posttranslational engineering of the therapeutic glycoprotein erythropoietin with unnatural amino acids 2016
Dr. Matthias Trautwein PD Dr. T. E. Exner Automatische Zuordnung von NMR chemischen Verschiebungen anhand einer bekannten Proteinstruktur 2016
Dr. Ulrich Tritschler Prof. Dr. H. Cölfen Hierarchically Structured Composite Materials by Gluing of Anisotropic Nanoparticles 2015
Dr. Justyna Trzaskowski Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Precise Microstructure Polymer Nanocrystals via Olefin Metathesis 2016
Dr. Yan Wang Prof Dr. A. Marx Synthesen von NAD+-Analoga und ihre Anwendungen 2015
Dr. Martin Wessig Prof Dr. S. Polarz Investigation of host-guest interactions in mesoporous organosilica 2017
Dr. Thomas Wiedemann Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Monofunctional Hyperbranched Ethylene Oligomers via Ni(II) Catalysis Controlled by Remote Substituents 2017
Dr. Eduard Wiedenbeck Prof. Dr. H. Cölfen Nucleation Precursors of Poorly Water-Soluble Pharmaceutical Compounds 2019
Dr. Simon Wiktorowski Prof. Dr. A. Zumbusch Wasserlösliche Pyrrolopyrrol-Cyaninfarbstoffe und deren Entwicklung zu pH-sensitiven NIR-Fluoreszenzindikatoren 2014
Dr. Timo Witt Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Unsymmetric, Macrocyclic, and Ultra Long-Chain a,w-Difunctional Building Blocks from Plant Oils 2017
Dr. Jannic Wolf Prof. Dr. U. Groth Synthesis of Functionalized Molecular Wires: New Materials for Organic Electronics 2013
Dr. Stefan Wolf Prof. Dr. H. Cölfen Liquid Precursors in Non-Classical Crystallization 2017
Dr. Baohu Wu Prof. Dr. H. Cölfen Bio-inspired Magnetite Mineralization in Gelatin Hydrogels: A Small Angle Scattering Investigation 2016
Dr. Philipp Wucher Prof. Dr. S. Mecking Methyl Acrylate Insertion Selectivity in Soluble and Immobilized Phosphine Sulfonato Palladium(II) Copolymerization Catalysts 2014
Dr. Evelyn Wuttke Prof. Dr. R. Winter Elektronische Kommunikation in mehrkernigen Ruthenium-Vinyl-Komplexen 2014