Kolloquien  |  Physik  |  Chemie

Sequence-definition by multicomponent reactions: synthesis and applications

Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2020
17:00 – 18:00 Uhr


Host: Stefan Mecking

Michael A.R. Meier, KIT Karlsruhe

Multicomponent reactions are an established tool in organic chemistry. They offer high atom-economy, straightforward practical procedures and most importantly structural diversity can easily be achieved by variation of the used components. Only recently, the benefit of these one-pot reactions was realized for macromolecular engineering. Especially the Passerini three-component (P-3CR) and Ugi four-component (U-4CR) reactions demonstrate attractive tools for polymer synthesis.

These multicomponent reactions are also highly suitable for the design of monodisperse macromolecules, including sequence defined macromolecules. Their synthesis and first applications for data storage and transportation will be highlighted. Furthermore, monodisperse macromolecular architectures other than linear, i.e. rings, will be discussed as an example to show that monodispersity can be considered a prerequiste for the establishment of quantitative-structure-property/activity-relationships (QSPR or QSAR).