Poster Prize for Danja Fischli

Danja Fischli has won the poster prize for her poster "Reaction Intermediates Influence Anisotropic Growth in Semiconductor Heterostructures" at NaNaX 9 in Hamburg, Germany.

New paper: Switchable Dissociation of Excitons bound at Strained CdTe/CdS Interfaces

In this paper we demonstrate CdSe/CdS seeded nanorods with a single CdTe tip at one end, which can be switched between a quickly deactivating off state and an on state that provides a long-lived electron for photo-catalysis or photovoltaics. Three properties are shown to contribute to the switchable exciton localisation in a synergistic manner: lattice distortion at the CdTe/CdS interface, Coulomb interaction, and size quantisation of the nanorods. The CdSe seed acts as a reporter for...

New paper: Protic Additives determine the Pathway of CdSe Nanocrystal Growth

In this paper we show that protic additives such as water play a pivotal role in semiconductor nanocrystal synthesis that determines the reaction pathway. It leads to structurally different intermediates and ultimately to either monodisperse particles with shape control, or to multiple nucleation events and bimodal size distributions.

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