The general research topics include:

  • Crystalline inorganic systems
  • Crystalline hybrid systems
  • Crystalline organic systems
  • Nucleation mechanisms

Research projects currently under investigation:

  • Amorphous precursors in mineralization
  • Polymer Induced Liquid Precursors
  • Polymer controlled crystallization of inorganic materials and application of bacteria as cargo transporters
  • Polymer controlled crystallization of perylene derivatives as functional organic materials
  • Nucleation mechanism of crystalline Biominerals and subcritical prenucleation clusters
  • Mechanism of nucleation control by additives and subcritical prenucleation clusters
  • Formation mechanisms of Mesocrystals

The second research topic is dedicated to fractionating methods of polymer and colloid analysis. Initially, Flow-Field Flow Fractionation and Analytical Ultracentrifugation (AUC) were applied while in the last years, only Analytical Ultracentrifugation remained as a versatile method for the analysis of all kinds of disperse systems ranging from polymer solutions and nanoparticle dispersions via liquid crystalline systems to gels. The focus of our research is to develop new experimental methods, to determine physicochemical quantities, which are hardly or not accessible by other methods, develop new optical detection systems with the final goal of a multidetector AUC capable of simultaneous determination of several complimentary physicochemical quantities or to utilize the power of this fractionating method for complex colloidal systems – also in a global analysis approach with other techniques like light scattering etc.